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About Us

Hakuda Thai Boxing since opening, has continued to grow and offers classes for Children, Adults &, Competitors and Private Lessons available for small groups and individuals.

Muay Thai Boxing is a Martial Art Form that originates from Thailand and offers a dynamic, versatile and extremely effective form of Self defence that utilises the whole body.

Muay Thai Training incorporates a series of Punches, Elbows, Knees, Kicks and Grappling to create this devastating Martial Art, which is highly respected and utilised in other Martial Arts such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Thai Boxing Training is also well known for its Intense, Dynamic and Effective Pad Work, to sharpen the practioners speed, power and reactions, it is also an extreme calorie burner.

Hakuda Muay Thai offers a complete training system. Promoting Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Self Confidence. We welcome you to come and train with us whatever your Goal may be, Fitness, Self Defence, or if you wish to take your training to a more challenging level you can join in the competition class and get prepared for your first bout.

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